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about ILF

I Look Famous is a showcase for people that resemble a celebrity in some way.


Do you look like you could be Julia Roberts daughter?  Are people always saying, “You look just like Tiger Woods!”  Or maybe you could pass as Lady Gaga’s even more outrageous mother!  If you resemble a celebrity in any way; older, younger, heavier, whatever!....  Register on I Look Famous  and show your look off to the world.


In addition to being an entertaining site where the public can have fun checking out your look, I Look Famous is also a resource for casting agents seeking talent. As a movie goer, have you ever noticed that familys on screen never look related?  I Look Famous wants to change that.  Casting agents can use I Look Famous to put together families that actually look related.  If a scene requires a table full of old family portraits, they can use I Look Famous to find models that look like younger verrsions of the films stars.   Perhaps a scene requires an old Johnny Depp.  Why use makeup?  Casting agents can use I Look Famous!


Are you a Casting Agent?


Its time to add a new level of realism to your productions.


Would you like the people in your family scenes to actually look related?  Do you need to do a flashback sequence where your star is 20 years younger?  Do you need to create some photos to decorate your set that look authentic?  Does your lead need a brother that LOOKS like a real brother?  I Look Famous is your solution.


Utilize I Look Famous to find talent that makes your production look that much more real.  Why use make-up?  Use I Look Famous.


The Little Details


In the case of  an I Look Famous talent inquiry by an agent, I Look Famous will act as the talent agent and take a 10% fee.  If the talent already has contracted representation, I Look Famous will take a finders fee.


Some Rules


Please upload an authentic picture of yourself as your main profile pic.  Do not use a picture of the celebrity you think you look like.  If you do use a celebrity pic or no pic at all, I Look Famous reserves the right to delete your profile.  Your profiles are checked for accuracy. Your profile might be edited.  Examples of this need would be if you spelled your celebriity name wrong.  Also please dont upload any naughty pics to your albums.

Your Privacy


I Look Famous will not share contact information with anyone without permission.  Contact information such as email addresses do not appear on your profile.